ECO Solvent Printer AS3202 3.2m 10ft 1440dpi Large Format Eco Solvent Printer with two DX5/DX7 Head

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ECO Solvent Printer AS3202 (dx5,3 2m 2 heads)
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Advanced Functions

Brand Sparepart Standard Setup
1.High Quality 145mm Printing bed;
2.Intelligent control system;
3.Germany IGUS Power Cable;
4.Big Power DC ink pump;
5.High precision Filter;
6.Taiwan Hiwin Guide & Silent slider;
7.Italy Megadyne Belt;
8.4 in 1 Heater control System;
9.Aluminum beam
Ø Classic Body;
ØLeadshine 180W Motor
ØUltraPrint Rip software;
ØOne row of Big Fan;
Ø Rear-Front-Printing Bed heater;
Ø Individual Purging system;
Ø Big Ink Pump;
Ø Media Measure sensor

■ High-efficient printing

1.Rip while printing;
2.Print selected area;
3.Skip white in X and Y printing directions;
4.Auto media sensor for setting print origin automatically.
(3 picture positions: left, middle and right)

■ Printing quality enhanced

1.Two feather printing modes :moist, gradient;
2.Simple printhead calibration mode can be easily mastered by operators;
3.Micro adjustment of printhead voltage.

■ Human-based functions

1.Options of automatically sensing or manually setting media origin;
2.Adjustable step value during printing;
3.Operations both in computer interface and machine control panel;
4.Automatic and constant ink system cleaning function.

■ Ink saving function

1.Options for single head cleansing or double heads cleansing;
2.Options for light, medium and heavy printhead sucking.

■ Printhead lifespan prolonged

1.All color channels can be exchanged freely so as to prolong the printhead lifespan.

■ Double heads speed

2pass:64m²/h 3pass:44m²/h 4pass:32m²/h
6pass:22m²/h 8pass:16m²/h 12pass:11m²/h

Special Features

■ High resolution

1.High mechanical precision ensures precise printing,use high precise aluminum beam, two processes by high precision planomiller, ensures beam with high precision as international level.1mm error limit;
2.Printing resolution by four gray scale printing technology, three type variation dot, dark, middle and light, the minimum is 3.5pl,10 types difference size variable dot can be printed, enabling printing of small exquisite character more clearly.

■ High speed

1.Fire frequency 15K,running speed up to 1m/s, printing speed 15.5-21m²/h with one head, two heads with
29.2-37.4m²/h two times productivity than old machine.

■ More stable

1.Each color has independent control circuit, precision up to 0.04V without sharing, voltage keep the same, and has temperature compensation, printhead adapt temperature automatically, allowing outstanding performance.

——Industry leading Printing Quality and Output Performance

ECO Solvent Printer

Eco Solvent Printer

Eco Solvent Printer

Type AS3202
Print head Double micro piezo print head
INK Water-based/ Thermal transfer/ solvent
Maximum Print Width 320cm
Resolution 540dpi、720dpi、1400dpi
Mode 2pass、3pass、4pass、6pass、8pass、12pass
Single head speed 32㎡/h、22㎡/h、16㎡/h、11㎡/h、8㎡/h、5.5㎡/h
Double head speed 64㎡/h、44㎡/h、32㎡/h、22㎡/h、16㎡/h、11㎡/h
Ink Capacity 1000cc per main tank of each color
Tri-heaters Pre-bed-back heater 30-65℃
Drying System Auto infrared heating/Drying fans
Take up System Standard configuration
Environment Requirements Temp: 15-35℃ Relative Humidity: 40%-65%
Size (L*W*H) 4.59m*0.97m*1.56m

The Speed data varies in different computer.

Inkjet printer prints with fine ink dots, so the printing colors may be different along with the chnage of printheads. When printing with serveal printers at the same time, a difference in printing colors may exists due to a difference exist in every single printer.

But as far as we know, most for the operation is similar for different printer.

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