Infiniti/Challenger FY-3266J with Seiko SPT1020/35pl printhheads

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Equipped with industrial piezo printhead which comes with 1020 nozzles,printing width of 71.8mm , and 720dpi printing resolution.

◆ 6 color printing , the standard output achieves 75㎡/hr .
◆ AC servo motor is used to run the carriage quicker and more stable.
◆ Individual color purging minmizes the waste of the ink .
◆ 3 way intelligent heater helps bring more vivid output.
◆ The entire printing platform and the girder are made of the alloy-aluminum which is more strong and flat.
◆ Adopt USB2.0output system , faster and more flexible .
Model FY-3266J
PrintHead DropondemandPiezoHead
NumberofPrinthead 6heads
MaximunPrintWidth 3200mm(125.98")
PrintSpeed Standard 240×720dpi2Pass75㎡/hr
Quality 240×1080dpi3Pass50㎡/hr
Highquality 720×720dpi4Pass27㎡/hr
Media Max.width 3300mm(129.92")
Max.weight 80kg
Type Frontlit,Backli,Vinyl,Polyester,WindowFilm,Leather
Thickness 4mm(Max)
HeatingSystem 3wayintelligentheater
AutoMediaFeeding&Take-upSystem Equipped
Ink Type Solventink(C、M、Y、K、Lc、Lm)
Capacity 1Lor5LperColorMainTank
AutoCleaningSystem PositivePressureCleaning,Anti-CloggingFlash Function&CappingSystem
Printinterface USB2.0
PowerSpecification 220V/230V50Hz/60HzPrinter:660WHeater:1900W
OperationalEnvironment Temperature:20℃-28℃Humidity:40%-60%
CompatibleRIPSoftware Photoprint,UltraPrint,Topaz,Wasatch,Caldera,Maitop
Dimension&Weight Machine L4766mm×W930mm×H1350mm640kg
Package L4980mm×W1140mm×H1620mm923kg

The Speed data varies in different computer.

Inkjet printer prints with fine ink dots, so the printing colors may be different along with the chnage of printheads. When printing with serveal printers at the same time, a difference in printing colors may exists due to a difference exist in every single printer.

But as far as we know, most for the operation is similar for different printer.

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